Who are we ?

Established as an Automotive Photography Service (APS) in 2012, Xcite Advertising (Xcite™) are a 100% Australian owned photography company with offices in Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns. Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Xcite™ originated as a family owned enterprise, from family homes on opposite sides of Queensland. The family’s passion for the automotive industry and an understanding of the photography market within, has seen Xcite™ grow into a multi-media entity. Our ability to deliver and manage scalable solutions anywhere has enabled us to establish a solid customer base across Queensland.

Our Video & Photography solutions offer a high level of maturity and flexibility that allows best fit outcomes in most business scenarios. We believe we can bring to any prospective relationship, a high level of business expertise gained from over 20 years of ongoing Research and Software Development. We have been achieving this in an atmosphere which cultivates innovation. 

We are the, Videography / Photography, solution based business within the automotive Industry. 


Videography as a Service


Our focus is, Videography Software as a Service (VSS). Our Video software product suites have evolved to take advantage of the Cloud Platform Services (CPS) paradigm, so all of our products are delivered via a subscription based model through our own managed services infrastructure.


Vehicle Photography 


We achieve this service, by processing your particular solutions requirement to fit in with our own base formula, then uploading our results to other complimentary 3rd party services. The outcome is a solid based solution with measurable and manageable risk levels alongside quantifiable cost savings. A win/win project scenario that remains relevant for the lifetime of your relationship with us. XciteCars.com.au Is an online automotive marketing and classifieds website that connects buyers with sellers. The Xcite™ team will continually develop tools and website features that will give both consumers and dealers – utilizing our inventory portal – an ultimate shopping experience that should be a standard when buying and selling a vehicle. 

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  Please use good judgement when making a choice!

 We are advocates for a process driven approach to deliver technical business solutions from car dealers to the end consumers. We believe shopping for your next vehicle should be stress free and fun. Hence, we are dedicated, to providing you, an efficient and easy platform for buyers to meet sellers. With millions of vehicles nationwide to choose from, it is hoped our video service will give you confidence in your next vehicle purchase. 

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