Why not try adding a formulated walk around video to your website? These videos are filmed at the same time the photographer is capturing photos of your vehicle. For a low price of $25 per vehicle you cannot compete with this valued service.

Videos add more selling power to your dealership! For a low price we can add a short walk around video to your inventory. Customers love the videos and are a proven lead converter for your sales team.

Customers begin their shopping online!

Your customers are busy and don’t have time to bargain shop at 3-4 dealerships anymore! They don’t want to play games and look at vehicles they cannot afford. More than 80% of potential car buyers begin their search for a new vehicle online before they ever set foot in a dealership.
By putting high-quality video of your inventory at their disposal 24 hours a day, you not only simplify and accelerate the car-buying process, you open your lots to those who might not have previously had access. Your dealership gains trust by not hiding any details about a vehicle, as well as appreciation for valuing your customer’s time.

Terms and Conditions for the Photography and Video Service

1.1    All cars must be cleaned and ready (lined, easily accessible) to photograph for the photographer.

1.2.   The Key manager must have the “Keys” ready for the photographer.

1.3.   Managers must enter the vehicle Information to Autogate and publish the vehicle 24hrs before the day of Photography. (Photographers cannot upload a vehicle before it is added.)

1.4.   The photographer will need a shoot location opened and ready on the day of the shoot before arriving to avoid the following:

1.5.   If the Dealership is not ready for the photography shoot within 15 mins, the photographer will notify the Dealer principle and if the DP is not available then he will send a “ Dealership not ready “ email to the DP and will proceed to the next dealership.

1.6.   Quantity of vehicles photographed per hour is determined upon how many times the vehicle needs to be moved around per photo shoot. (Also dependent upon the accessibility of the cars, which we recommend are lined or designated area)


Approximately 5.30mins per Stationary Vehicle

Approximately 15mins per vehicle if moved multiple positions

Approximately 20mins per vehicle if a vehicle needs to be driven to a different location.

Video must have allocated and sufficient space.  4mins per vehicle


1.7.   All Dealerships are on a per hour schedule once the photographer has arrived. 

2.1    Dealership photography schedule sent via email at the end of each week for the following week.

2.2    On day of service, Xcite photographer will sms/ call the Manager approximately 15-30 minutes prior to notify his ETA which will correspond with the time on the schedule.

2.3    Once arrived at dealership Xcite photographer will get the keys from the key manager, setup the car for shooting at designated location on the dealership grounds, once complete he will return the keys to the manager. (Should the dealership provide assistance in moving the cars, this will enable more cars to be photographed)

2.4    End of the day, the Xcite photographer will Xcite(™)  Batch edit the photos*, then upload to Autogate after 7.30pm (but by 12pm midnight in case of slow Autogate servers)


3.1    New Car stock photo library will be available via Google Drive link as found on your dealerships weekly photography schedule. Xcite photographer will only upload the new car photos taken on that day. New inventory of the same make, model, colour will be available for dealerships access to upload to Autogate when sales team are entering the new inventory.

Choose how many vehicles need videos




Filming a vehicle when you are advertising forsale will help the consumer make the descision to buy from youinstead of your competitor”. The video shows all details of the car and it will build confidence in the heart of the buyer to make the right purchase. 53% of buyers search online looking for video before they buy!

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